Panic turned up to 11: Kamala Harris aides fear she will run for president

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“Panic” seems to be a way of life for Kamala Harris’s aides. Just this week, they were reported to have been in a “panic” at Kamala Harris being named Joe Biden’s border surge czar.

Now they’re in an even bigger panic. That’s at the prospect of Kamala Harris being the Democrat presidential candidate in 2024.

The proof was buried inside a vituperative left-wing editorial from the once-even-tempered Economist ( version here):

Given the 78-year-old Mr Biden’s age, her elevation could be only three years off. And the election that would ensue — the Republicans’ worsening derangement suggests — may well be as crucial as the one just past. This raises the question of whether she has what it takes to rise above the right-wing slanders and appeal to middle America, as Barack Obama did, or whether she will be destroyed by them, as Hillary Clinton was. And it is making senior Democrats nervous. “Everyone is saying, ‘Oh God, Kamala is next and then we’re in trouble’,” says a Democrat close to the White House.

“Everyone is saying, ‘Oh God, Kamala is next and then we’re in trouble'”?

All of them? Wow. Even if it’s merely a lot of them, it’s quite a vote of no confidence from the ground team for this wretch. Say “Kamala Harris,” and for these Democrats, the panic attacks come.

The Economist attempts to explain it out between the gushes (“no ordinary vice president”; “It would be a terrible shame if the former president turned out to be wrong” [about Harris]) by arguing that she flips and flops around (memo to Economist: It’s to disguise an unsalable far-left agenda) and “hasn’t carved out a definitive” vice presidential role. Well, if one doesn’t do one’s job and spends all one’s time posing for Vogue, or carping about interior decorating, succoring the crochet ladies, or taking selfies, that’s kind of what happens, fellas.

The piece also points out that, unlike Obama, she’s constantly bringing up identity politics, failing to understand that that annoys voters, including black voters, who, it noted without comment, find her “insincere.” Seems they can’t process that one. They note that identity politics is a good way to win elections in California, a state where people are fleeing, but not nationally, as if this were somehow a good idea.

The editorial also sympathetically speaks of Harris’s difficulty in laying the groundwork for a presidential campaign while doing the jobs Joe Biden wants of her, ignoring that for Kamala, doing her job has always been secondary to getting the next big job. She’s in fact very likely prioritizing her campaign for the presidency, given her non-performance. That tells us she’s already chosen, and staff are trembling enough at the prospect of it to tell The Economist.

And the editorial solicitously offers Harris the advice that she must prioritize understanding why her presidential campaign failed in late 2019, which is ridiculous. Harris hasn’t changed any since exposing herself as a cackling phony to voters. Harris is continuing as before because she doesn’t do self-criticism or self-reflection. She just takes more selfies.

No wonder Harris’s staff are panicking at the prospect of a new Kamala campaign for president. They know this person, and they know how self-absorbed and tone-deaf she is. The more she spoke, the more the Iowa voters loathed her, so they know that the act is likely to be repeated if Democrats can’t cheat their way to a 2024 victory as they did before.

In the meantime, it will mean constant cleaning up after her, as her gaffes pile up, and her chaotic management style premised on crony relatives being the last word to staff and any problems that emerge will result in them getting blamed. That’s what happened to hapless campaign manager Juan Rodriguez during her Iowa fiasco. She also shortchanges staff and hires crummy people. Even in the relatively tranquil White House, Kamala is such a prima donna and so difficult to work with that she still can’t keep staff.

No wonder they panic. There’s a lot of reason for panic out there for that poor, miserable staff of hers, some 184 people. Around Kamala, panic seems to be a way of life.