Pentagon Admits Taliban RELEASED ‘Thousands’ Of ISIS-K Terrorists From Afghan Prisons That U.S. Relinquished Control Of Before Evacuating

While addressing the press, John Kirby, the press secretary for the Pentagon, shared that as soon as the U.S. forces relinquished control of prisons in Afghanistan, the Taliban went ahead and released thousands of terrorists belonging to the ISIS-K. They were being held at the prisons at Bagram and Kabul. And now, recent intelligence reports suspect the alleged involvement of these released prisoners in the bombing attack at the Kabul airport on Thursday, which killed about 13 American service members and more than 60 Afghans present at the bombing site. And the likelihood of these terrorist attacks being supported by the Taliban is another possibility that needs to be considered.

During a press conference on Friday, Kirby was inquired about the possible number of prisoners at Bagram and why they weren’t shifted before the U.S. army relinquished control, to which he responded that thousands of prisoners were now on the loose from the prisons in both Bagram and Kabul as the Taliban had let them go. It further provokes us to question the competency of the Biden administration, as it is just another setback in Biden’s withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

In his address to the press, Kirby went on to justify Biden’s move to forego control of the Bagram airbase before the complete evacuation of American citizens from Afghanistan, as this was a strategic step in transferring control and power to the Afghan government. But unfortunately, as soon the U.S. relinquished control of these sites, the Taliban could overpower the government and take over some of these bases. But Kirby’s justification of the actions taken by the Biden administration is weak, as it shows that the Biden administration was naïve enough to give control to an army that was not prepared for such a responsibility. In addition to this, the U.S. government action of handing over a list to the Taliban, which includes names of American and Afghan citizens who are permitted to evacuate from the airports, is attracting further criticism, as it is suspected that many were purposefully left out of these lists to be killed by the Taliban.