Rep. Ilhan Omar: ‘The Time to Nationalize Healthcare and the Supply Chain is Now’

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Far-left Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) issued a rallying cry to her fellow socialists on Friday, declaring that America’s time of crisis amid the coronavirus pandemic shows “the time to nationalize healthcare and the supply chain is now.”

“Big corporations may not want to produce necessary items because it’s not profitable for them,” the congresswoman said in a video posted on social media, arguing that “profits are always placed above people.”

“We, as a federal government, we have the proper tools to deploy,” Omar continued. “And it’s deplorable, really, and unconscionable that every single tool that we have is not being deployed right now.”

Rep. Omar, a supporter of former Democratic presidential candidate and avowed socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), added, “It is important for us to nationalize the supply chain. It’s important for us to take action in nationalizing our health care system.”

In a tweet promoting the video, Omar wrote, “The time to nationalize healthcare and the supply chain is now.”

Omar’s message was met with praise from some and ridicule from others.

One supporter suggested, “Get Bernie to mobilize the movement into a general strike. Or call the Senate and House reps by the millions asking for specific policies. Public pressure must be used.”

Another proponent of Omar’s agenda declared, “Healthcare is a human right. Universal healthcare will save money and lives, and prepare us for national health emergencies.”

But critics also came out in droves. One wrote, “So a full Communist takeover, seizing the ‘means of production.’ No thanks. And we need to go back to when we threw Communists in jail for attempting to do just that.”

A second critic replied, “The government can’t pass a bill to provide struggling Americans monetary relief in a timely manner. But sure, let’s hand them our entire healthcare system.”

Another asked, “Ok, so hypothetically, if we nationalize the supply chain, who should be in charge of it? You and your colleagues who have never actually produced or contributed anything of value? No thanks, I trust the people who built their businesses more than those who aim to steal.”