Representative Chip Roy Blasts Dems For Wanting To Pass Bill That Would Draft Our Daughters

New legislation is under approval by the US senate committee, which would require young women to register in the US military for selective services alongside men. Moreover, in the event of war or national emergency, they will be drafted as well. It will happen for the first time in the history of the US military. The women have been serving in the military under different wings but having them called in times of war and other state emergencies, situations that the men predominate is something most people of the nation are not in favor of.

Member of the Republican Party serving as the US Representative for Texas Chip Roy stepped in with his outrage for the draft stating that the legislation forced the nation’s daughters to register for the military just like the men. The draft is derogatory to the nation’s values. The senate committee justifies the legislation stating that it is an opportunity for women to stand equal to the nation’s men. Biden also used similar words when he showed support for registering for the selective services system by both genders. The nation’s representatives have confused themselves to bring equality that is the equity that the men and women of this nation need. Both genders have different needs and roles to play in society. Forcing women into the arenas of war and conflict may result in the men showing regression against having to trust a female with a violent environment.

During a speech in the house, Chip Roy slammed the Democrats, which favored the legislation, mocking them for ignoring the criminal offenses occurring all across the US with Americans suffering. The senate arms committee voted in favor of the American daughters to be drafted. He questioned the integrity of the nation’s values and what path the nation’s lawmakers are now taking, meddling with the cultural values and boundaries, calling out the 13 democrats for voting in favor of the bill.