Sen. Cassidy: Biden’s ‘Uber Partisan’ Comments Are Hurting Vaccination Efforts

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Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA) said on this week’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday” that President Joe Biden’s “uber partisan” comments were hurting the government’s vaccination efforts.

Anchor Chris Wallace said, “Your state of Louisiana is the fifth-lowest in vaccination rates. Only 36% of people in your state have been fully vaccinated. You’re a medical doctor. Your thoughts about that? About the resistance to the vaccine in Louisiana, and is there anything you can and plan to do about it?”

Cassidy said, “A couple of things. First, people are surprised when citizens don’t trust government. When you have partisan comments coming out of the White House regarding next Jim Crow laws, people like Senator Schumer and the White House not cooperating on a bipartisan bill. Oh, here we are going to be partisan but overhear, you better trust us. That just doesn’t work.”

He continued, “I would also argue as a physician, you need to go back to your health care workers. It shouldn’t be the president advocating. Again, he’s depicting himself as a uber partisan. You need to have your doctors, your nurse, physician’s assistants speaking to the patients they normally care for. This is good. It saves lives.”

Cassidy added, “What I’m trying to do, I’m trying to educate. Yesterday one of my former students had a nice video. We are choosing between vaccination or accepting higher rates of death. I put it on social media today. We are pushing that. That’s our choice. You choose either to be vaccinated or accept a higher rate of unnecessary deaths. That’s the way to communicate your physician, your nurse, you pa exedra, not through some uber partisan person who asked us to trust him except when they’re making incredibly partisan statements?”