“SHAMEFUL” Sen. Tom Cotton BLASTS Biden For 50 Years Of ‘Bad Judgment’ On Foreign Policy

In his recent interview with Glenn Beck, Senator Tom Cotton gave a frank criticism of Biden’s actions to manage the Afghan crisis and how Biden’s years of incompetence in managing foreign and military affairs is now showing its true colors. Cotton commented on Biden’s administration’s management of the Afghan crisis, saying “that the intelligence services had already predicted all the current happenings.” Still, Biden’s ignorant administration continued to ignore these warnings, leading to the crisis that has now unfolded. For instance, intelligence reports had strictly warned Biden of the repercussions of closing the Bagram airbase and how likely is Kabul to fall into the hands of the Taliban. Still, despite receiving these warnings, Biden continued to be ignorant and negligent and blamed for the crisis we are dealing with today.

Cotton supported his argument by restating that Robert Gates, the former Obama secretary of defense, had also mentioned that Biden has typically been wrong about decisions relating to the security of the state and had poor skills in managing the foreign policy of foreign policy the state. And now, the Afghan crisis, which has led to more than 1,800 foreign nationals being stranded and not being evacuated from Afghanistan, is a prime example of how Biden reckless crisis management and foreign policy planning.

But Biden’s response to this crisis is disappointing, as he still hasn’t taken responsibility for the situation. Another issue going unnoticed is how the state department allegedly restricts evacuees’ transport to some countries. In addition to this, Biden hasn’t had fruitful relationships with military departments in the past is now coming to light, as Cotton suggests that this keeps Biden from taking appropriate and well-rounded military decisions.

Senator Tom Cotton then says that Biden’s strategic response to this crisis is feeble, as Biden’s speeches are vague and fail to address the issue at hand. It will eventually worsen this crisis, and the problem of Americans and other allies being stranded in Afghanistan may become a cause of America’s fallout with many of its supporters.