Suspicious IV drip-like bruise spotted on Biden’s hand in Kenosha heightens demands for drug tests before debates

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There is new evidence supporting President Trump’s public call for drug testing before the all-important presidential debates.

“He’s on some kind of an enhancement in my opinion,” Trump told Laura Ingraham on Fox News. “And I say we should both — I should take a drug test, so should he. Because we don’t want to have a situation where a guy is taking some kind of…”

“It’s like athletes?” Ingraham asked, seeking clarity on what Trump was alleging.

“No. No. I want to take one,” Trump said. “I’ll take one, he’ll take one. We should both take a drug test.”

As Joe Biden’s mental acuity seems to be declining rapidly, his ability seemingly to rise to the occasion when in a high-visibility public appearance does appear suspicious. Now comes something else suspicious: a bruise and swelling on Biden’s left hand right where an intravenous drip needle is customarily inserted when administering drugs (such as amphetamines). Cecilia M. Levi spotted the bruise and noted its suspicious nature on Twitter:

Of course, there could be other explanations for the anomaly. But it most definitely adds momentum to the demand for the drug tests.

Why would Biden legitimately refuse? Job applicants for far less consequential positions must submit to drug tests.


A reader sent this video: