Ted Cruz Has The Perfect Solution To Get Rid Of AOC

How do we get back to a constitutional loving, patriotic America? First, elected leaders would have to see Communism and Socialism first hand.

Ted Cruz said Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez need to sail to Cuba and see how it works. It’s easy to talk about socialism and push it to the public as a way out of poverty, but to truly live in a Socialist or Communist country is a different story.

Cubans have protested their government for the past several weeks to get a better way of life. The government’s response? Turn off the internet in the country. Welcome to Communism.

Communism is a trend that young people chant for in the street, but none know the effects. Popular terms like universal income, universal healthcare, and free schooling give young people a sense that they have a way out of responsibility but aren’t concerned with the tertiary effects those things have on others and even themselves.

Neil Cavuto spoke to a student roughly six years ago about what she sees as a solution to tuition, hourly wages on campus, and a more equitable and fair resolution to education. The student says the three core demands of the National Day of Action are:

  • Free public college
  • Cancellation of student debt
  • $15 minimum wage for people who work on campus

When asked who would pay for this, the student responded, “The 1% of society that are hoarding the wealth and sort of causing a catastrophe that students are facing.”

According to Insider, you have to be worth $4.4 million in the 1% of the wealth. The idea that there are trillionaires out there hoarding money is ridiculous. In most cases, wealth is made from hard work and employing others, and paying taxes. And when tax exceptions are given, the business still gives their employees a way to put food on their table. Without those business owners, our economy would crumble.

Ted Cruz said, “The analogy I’m fond of using as a Cuban-American is a thing Liberals never seem to understand if you go down to Key West, is the rafts are all going one direction.”

It is why liberals will never understand why capitalism is the best system in the world. It grants everyone the same opportunity to succeed if they are willing to work for it and provide the desired product. Socialism gives the government control of production and leaves the citizen out of the profit margin. They may never learn, but they can also be voted out.