Ted Cruz Responds to the Michael Avenatti Sentencing and Asks an Important Question

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As RedState reported yesterday, Michael Avenatti, affectionally known as “creepy porn lawyer” in right-wing circles, was sentenced to multiple years in prison. That stemmed from his attempts to extort Nike.

But it wasn’t Avenatti’s crimes that made him noteworthy. Rather, it was the absolute obsession the media (specifically, CNN and MSNBC) had with him while he was pretending he was going to take down Donald Trump and Brett Kavanaugh. The sheer adulation produced by figures like Brian Stelter, Nicole Wallace, Ana Navarro, Anderson Cooper, Stephanie Ruhle, and many others was truly a sight to behold. Further, it exposed just how far gone our news industry is, and just how far they are willing to go to push a partisan narrative.

So when Avenatti turned out to be a felon, there was an important question left unanswered. Sen. Ted Cruz asks it while linking to a must-see montage of the media fawning over Avenatti.

First, watch the montage. If for no other reason than its comedic value, it’s worth the time. The most “serious” people in our country are not actually serious people. Rather, they are an absolute joke, and I don’t say that just to be snarky. I mean that in the most literal sense of the word. These are people whose comments were and are so ludicrous, showing no boundaries whatsoever in their pursuit for political expediency, that their mere existence as journalists is comical.

Now, getting to Cruz’s question, the answer is obviously no.

There will be no reckoning. There will be no apologies. There will be no admission that they misled the public and propped up a crook in order to go after the bad orange man. Rather, this entire pathetic episode will memory-holed. CNN and MSNBC will do quick hits on Avenatti’s sentencing and those who made him who he is will remain silent, pretending they weren’t complicit. Then all these so-called journalists will proceed to the next grift they feel will push their political wants.

Our news media isn’t savable. There isn’t going to be a moment of epiphany where they admit their bias and lack of ethics. As long as the contracts stay fat and the politics stay prime, they’ll be there to do the left’s bidding in whatever way they can. If that means having Michael Avenatti on the air hundreds of times, then they’ll happily make that happen. And when it all blows up in their face, they’ll just move on to the next partisan wedge.

Cruz knows that, which is why his question is clearly rhetorical. Still, it’s always worth pointing out how terrible the news industry is, and if it includes bringing receipts as Cruz did, even better.