The Biden Regime Has Made Us All Enemies of the State

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How can you tell we’re slipping under the yoke of totalitarianism? The New York Times has declared that the word “freedom” is merely an “anti-government slogan,” and the Biden regime refuses to condemn Cuba’s communist police state, even as it “disappears” Cuban dissidents during live video feeds. I don’t know how much clearer the State and its “news” propagandists can be. If “freedom” is a dirty little word as meaningless as “hope and change,” then everything upon which the United States of America has been built is dead, and if the Obama-Biden cabal running the White House find common cause with the same Castro-Guevara mass murderers who have tortured and summarily executed innocent Cubans in the name of “revolution” for sixty years, then the federal government cannot be trusted.

This isn’t a surprise to anyone paying attention. Two months ago, the U.S. State Department draped embassies around the world with Black Lives Matter flags, and today BLM has pledged its allegiance to the communist Cuban regime while blaming the U.S. for Cuba’s island prison of poverty, violence, and repression. There has never been any doubt that BLM is a Marxist organization intent on destroying American freedoms, yet Democrats, corporate boards, and even Mitt Romney have sung its praises for years. Hanging those insidious BLM flags on American consulates overseas was tantamount to hanging the hammer and sickle over the stars and stripes. Their meaning was self-evident: the U.S. is under new Marxist management. Still, too many corporate sellouts and political backstabbers honored BLM as some sort of paragon for civil rights, even as its members routinely engage in arson, larceny, intimidation, and murder.

Now that BLM has made its allegiance to America’s communist enemies abundantly clear, will any of those corporate or political invertebrates walk back their support for BLM’s pro-Castro movement? Surely not. They’ve chosen a side; they’re totalitarian appeasers now, giving aid and comfort to those who wish America harm. Is that too harsh? Is it unfair to accuse American companies and politicians of casting their lot with the intellectual heirs of Stalin and Mao? A man should be judged by his deeds, not his words, but as far as I can see, none of these pro-BLM sycophants has done or said anything while the Biden administration embraces Cuba’s police state tactics here at home. Their inaction speaks volumes.

We are now living in a land where the government uses corporate monopolies to restrict political speech it dislikes, abuses the criminal justice system to protect Antifa criminals doing its bidding on the streets, holds political prisoners in solitary confinement for over six months under spurious charges, spies on citizens’ private text messages in the name of safety, and designates its political adversaries as “domestic extremists” and “terrorists.” At the same time as the Cuban regime has shut down the Internet to hinder a popular revolt against communism, the Biden regime has admitted to actively censoring Americans on social media and on cellular networks for spreading “disinformation.” (There’s a distinction without a difference!) And as demonstrable evidence of provable fraud in both Georgia and Arizona increasingly renders the whole 2020 presidential election illegitimate, the beneficiary of that election fraud has mobilized the federal government to vilify the truth-tellers as enemies of the state. If American companies and politicians can sit silently while such unprecedented attacks on civil liberties take place, then either they grotesquely fail to see the parallels between what is going on in America today and what took place in Germany during the 1930s, or they are blind to nothing and like what they see. Certainly, when they decide to take a righteous stand against voter identification and against secure elections but choose to demonize white Americans for the color of their skin, they are a far cry from any noble tradition we would ascribe to defenders of American freedom.

Tell me how the U.S. military’s purge of Trump voters or the FBI’s insistence that citizens narc on their friends and family for wrongthink is distinguishable from the communism of Cuba or China or any of the great totalitarian regimes of the last century. Tell me how indoctrinating young children to hate themselves for their “whiteness” is fundamentally different from Hitler Youth being taught that their Jewish neighbors were rats. Oh, because nobody’s been lined up against a brick wall with his family and gunned down, as Che Guevara and his “social justice” hit-squads enjoyed doing? Or because no one’s yet been forced to relocate to concentration camps for failing to abide by the State’s experimental vaccine mandates? Give it time. There’s no way to go halfsies on totalitarianism. Once the government decides it may declare who has rights and who has none, it is a short walk for the government to decide who has life and who has none. Over 63 million babies have been killed since Roe v. Wade, after all, and once you teach a population that a baby is only as alive as a woman chooses, it’s not difficult to teach those same people that political opponents are not worthy of life at all. When individual liberty and private ownership are ridiculed in the name of the “common good,” taking life for the “greater good” is never far behind.

Isn’t that what we’re already seeing with the federal government’s “planned resettlement” of foreign nationals illegally crossing into the United States? The same U.S. military that could not be bothered to help secure the southern border while President Trump was in office out of fear that any actions it took would damage the perceived political neutrality of the armed forces is now engaged in the secret and illegal transportation of non-citizens in the dead of night to undisclosed communities around the country (a recognized form of hybrid warfare in other nations). While the CDC and the White House use the pretext of the China Virus pandemic to arbitrarily close businesses, churches, and civic events of every kind (except those perpetrated by regime-enforcing Antifa and BLM Marxists, of course), other federal agencies have taken advantage of the nation’s unenforced borders to send unvaccinated illegal aliens into unsuspecting communities. Either the severity of the virus is not nearly as lethal as the Washington woke pretend it to be, or else the federal government cares so little about the health and survival of its citizens that it is willing to put lives at risk when doing so can help turn “red” districts “blue.” That might not be quite as shocking as the sight of regime paramilitaries summarily executing dissidents, but it’s certainly a step in the same direction. And if “red state” voters happen to die from the China Virus while the federal government takes over state elections so newly settled foreign nationals can illegally vote with ease, who could blame the totalitarians in charge for needing just a little more lebensraum for achieving their objectives?

There’s nothing moral or right about what the federal government is up to these days, and there is no excuse for those people in positions of power who continue to remain silent about what is happening. This is the “speak now or forever hold your peace” moment in American history, and it’s all-hands-on-deck for anyone not willing to let American freedom slip away. This is the right time to think earnestly and pray, but as the old saw goes, “If you’re going to pray for potatoes, you’d better grab a hoe.”

Hat tip to “fysammy.”