The Morning Briefing: Even Biden’s Media Monkeys Are Finding It Difficult To Spin For Him Now

The relation between Biden and his corrupt media has been going strong since the day he stepped foot in the office. Big tech banning Trump from Twitter and mainstream media defending Biden by completely suppressing anything that may go against him, but it seems that even the pro-democratic news channels are finding it difficult not to criticize Biden one bit amid the Afghanistan crisis.

The mainstream media plays a massive role in making or breaking a President. From the moment Biden stepped up for the campaign, they have been propping him up for a new start and have continued to the other way as he sits in office. Every second that Biden sits in office has been an unending disaster for the nation. From the rising inflation to tax hikes, unemployment, and southern border chaos, the country has been suffering endlessly, with mainstream media portraying him as a competent leader.

The love affair between Biden and the mainstream media is not over yet. Still, they are now flirting with the possibility of uttering a few words of criticism regarding the disgraceful failure in Afghanistan. CNN’s Jake Tapper, a Democratic lapdog, was also seen criticizing Biden for two days straight. The New York Times, known for their Pro-Democratic narrative, is also slipping into criticizing Biden. It looks like the team’s efforts are failing.

It is infrequent to see mainstream media criticizing the Democrats for two days in a row, that too the likes of Jake Tapper. Even the entire NBC News organization would have a hard time trying to find records of such happening. The Political Director, Chuck Todd, took an opposite turn from the left-leaning narrative. He criticized Joe Biden on the Afghanistan situation, saying that the Afghanistan situation has damaged his political competency compared to the former President Donald Trump. The Meet the Press host also had some remarks stating that the government needs some basic competency.

Biden and his team are now trying to save their face as the mainstream media seems to restrict some favor. It is now crucial for everyone to see that the image of Biden portrayed by the media was merely a hoax.