‘The Scoldings Mean Nothing’: Bipartisan Lawmakers Are NOT SORRY For Making SECRET Afghanistan Trip

Bipartisan efforts should be encouraged during the withdrawal from Afghanistan, but it was ignored at the forefront of the mission. While the federal government has failed miserably, representatives have stepped up and are doing what they can to monitor the withdrawal risks.

Representatives Peter Meijer (R-Mich.) and Seth Moulton (D-Mass.) made an unauthorized trip to Kabul, Afghanistan, to oversee the United States military’s efforts to ensure all Americans and allies can be evacuated.

Both representatives are military veterans and have taken a lot of heat for their decisions. Moulton decided to go to Kabul to get four families out of Afghanistan via text message and phone call and decided to take matters into his own hands. Both should be labeled heroes.

Not only did those two politicians take matters into their own hands, but Tim Kennedy, veteran, former Mixed Martial Arts, and owner of SheepDog Response, went with at least one other person to rescue 400 people in Kabul, including Christians, dual citizenship refugees, and many others. The rescues did not take place under the United States government control. Therefore Teddy Keisner, Brigade Commander at 1st BCT, 82nd Airborne Division, made the refugees stay outside of the gate hours before bombs went off, killing at least 60 Afghan’s and 13 military troops. This information comes from the American Party Podcast, hosted by veteran and Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyers and veteran Dan Holloway.

Veterans are doing the job of the U.S. military because the military isn’t allowed to do their job. It’s unclear what rank of the army is stopping them from doing their job, but someone is.

The incompetence and action plan is across the military spectrum as well as the federal government. Though this wasn’t the plan, no other option was given.

Dan Holloway also said that according to intel he’s received, thousands of Afghans went back to Afghanistan to see their family with the expectation that they could leave before the September 11th, 2021 withdrawal but are now stuck in Afghanistan with no way to escape.

The world doesn’t trust the United States anymore. That’s all there is to it.

Moulton also said he attempted to get approval to go to Afghanistan over several months and was denied. Moulton also told the Globe, “It’s amazing that people think this is about politics when it’s about innocent lives and saving people who have given everything to us from torture and death, Every single person that we can get through the gates which is one of our allies, that is the difference between freedom and death.”

The “all-inclusive” Taliban have told women to stay out of public places unless accompanied by a male relative. So, Sharia Law is back in Afghanistan. Maybe House Speaker Nancy Pelosi should have sent $25 million to the Taliban for gender studies rather than Pakistan.