The True Extent Of Biden’s Lies About Afghanistan

Suppose we observe Joe Biden’s actions and stances on the Afghanistan crisis. In that case, it can be noted that Biden’s strategy on dealing with the evacuation from Afghanistan and its after-effects was faulty. Almost everything that Biden had shared in his speeches regarding Afghanistan was false and misleading, as he would go on to do what he had previously disapproved of. For instance, in his presidential address on the 10th of August 2021, Biden reassured the public that emergency aid services like food, equipment, and air support would be continually provided to the American forces and citizens stuck in Afghanistan and the Afghan forces well. But in just three days after this speech, Biden went on to withdraw all forms of air support, food, equipment, or any other financial support from these forces. The fact that the U.S. even started its contracts with suppliers of the Afghan Army meant that now, the Afghan Army is not equipped enough to hold itself against the Taliban forces.

After this step, Biden blamed the Afghan forces for being unwilling to cooperate and fight, ignoring that he withdrew the essential material support they needed to sustain their military services.

In addition to this, reports reveal that frequent intelligence warnings had been sent to the U.S. government regarding the strengths and the plans of the Taliban forces, along with possible measures that can be adopted to amend and control the crisis. Still, Biden claimed that he was unaware of the plans of the Taliban and it is therefore difficult to manage such an unprecedented situation. However, the Taliban forces have been cooperating with American citizens to leave the country through Kabul airport. It is still highly unsafe for Americans to get to the airport in the first place. But the situation is very dire, as hundreds of Afghans surrounding the airport gates are being tortured or harassed. The Americans live in constant fear that they are one wrong move away from unveiling the wrath of the Taliban.

In other news, the Taliban are also targeting officials on their denylist, resorting to torturing their close collaborators or family members until and unless they get a hold of the person they are looking for, which is straight-up barbaric. The Afghans live in a highly hopeless situation. Women throw their babies over the barbed wire of the Airport premises to possibly save them from the violence that the Taliban will ensue. But Biden, being the delusional leader he is, continues to proclaim that the Taliban is cooperating, brushing all the security threats that exist not just for Americans but other foreign citizens and minorities under the carpet. Not only this, but Biden continues to remain out of the public eye in this foreign policy crisis, attracting more criticism for his reckless and short-sighted action plans for Afghanistan, leaving not only the Afghans but also the Americans in a hopeless situation.