Trump To NYPD: You Could End NYC Crime In ‘1 Week If They Let You’

Former President Donald Trump paid a visit to NYPD officers and officials on the 20th anniversary of 9/11. He assured them they could end New York City’s crime wave “within a week” if the city’s leadership would only allow them to perform their job. Newsmax’s “Saturday Agenda” broadcasted the visit live.

Trump appreciated the intriguing questions. Trump made his obligatory shots at the media, which seizes on every new remark he makes. Moreover, Mr. Trump lamented the loss of life in American cities during President Joe Biden’s administration, not to mention in Afghanistan, while emphasizing that his administration had increased the country’s safety and security significantly, noting that no soldiers had been killed in Afghanistan in the last 18 months of his administration’s mandate.

Donald Trump condemned the Taliban’s recapture of the nation, claiming “crazy crime” statistics. He continued, “reintroducing the subject to the country and the NYPD that neither they, the people, nor the military surrendered.” Conversely, Trump advised the New York Police Department that the media, including Democrats, watched attention and avoided nodding in agreement with the previous president’s comments out of fear of being criticized. However, the narrator is advised to stand there and behave impeccably.

Furthermore, Trump was asked, among other things, if he would seriously consider designating a day of appreciation for American police enforcement. In response, he stated that “they’d struck a deal.” And, incredibly, nobody has ever brought that up as he sees what they do and the events that occur. Moreover, Trump stated that he believes it is an “excellent point,” and he agreed. Donald Trump appreciated the questions and mentioned that it’s an uncommon question he hadn’t encountered previously and one he should have encountered frequently.