Tweeting From His Basement, Joe Biden Threatens to ‘Transform America’

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One can say a lot with few words, and Democrat former veep and presidential nominee Joe Biden has in this tweet.

Joe Biden
We’re going to beat Donald Trump. And when we do, we won’t just rebuild this nation — we’ll transform it.

The next question any reporter, if there are any actual ones with access to Biden or any of his surrogates, should be “Into what?”

Into what, would lifelong political hack Joe Biden transform the world’s oldest and most stable liberal republic, which by the way is also the strongest and most prosperous nation the world has ever seen?

He tweeted the tweet, so it should be simple enough to answer: Into what?

And what should Americans read into the fact that he tweeted this the day after America’s 244th birthday? Has he fully rejected the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the American experiment?

If we have to read tea leaves to figure this out, it won’t go well for Ol’ Joe.

He’s brought radical socialist Rep. AOC onto his campaign as his climate adviser, and she’s the face of the Green New Deal. That packet of far far left wishcasts would destroy what’s left of the economy and, among other crazy things, end air travel, end the consumption of meat, and force literally every building in the nation to undergo a government-run energy use overhaul.

Joe himself has pledged to end the use of fossil fuels, which would throw millions of Americans out of work, wreak havoc on several state economies and the national economy, and have us all depending on wind turbines, solar cells and the kind thoughts of unicorns to power our lives.

And Joe Biden has been wrong on just about every foreign policy issue of the past forty years.

If we must read more kinetic tea leaves, since no reporter will ask Joe those two words, let’s look at what’s happening in Democrat-run cities around the country. About 26 years of patient law enforcement work to bring violent crime down from its historic high in the early 1990s has been undone in a month. As Kevin McCollough put it over the weekend, Six Weeks, Six Cities, 600 Murders. Kevin’s piece is a must-read.

Joe hasn’t said word one against the rioting, looting, or general mayhem that is engulfing so many cities — all run by Democrats — around the country. He hasn’t said anything about the fact that Atlanta has gotten so bad the state of Georgia is resorting to the National Guard. If Joe has anything like what’s happening in Democrat-run cities in mind for the rest of the country, then he should say so. Or say he has something else in mind and thereby at least implicitly criticize all those Democrat mayors and city councils.

You’ll transform America into what, Joe?

A left-run college campus, where speech codes have gutted the Constitution?

You’ll transform America into what, Joe?

An America that demolishes its history?

You’ll transform America into what, Joe?

Take your time. Collect your thoughts.

And do tell us what transformations you failed to enact when you were vice president for 8 years and a senator since the Jurassic before that, but you would by God certainly get done this time around.