Video resurfaces of Biden saying he asked China for help becoming president

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There is far more evidence that China is interfering in our election to put Joe Biden in the White House than there ever was that Russia was backing Donald Trump in 2016 (or is backing him now). Properly handled, that evidence against Biden (and his allies in bed with China) should help re-elect Trump

During the 2016 campaign, candidate Trump made a joke about asking Russia for help in finding Hillary Clinton’s deleted (and bleach-bitted) emails from her private server, and that was taken as evidence for launching an FBI investigation and subsequent special counsel probe on non-existent “collusion” with Russia. Yet back in 2013, Joe Biden, whose son was hauled around on Air Force Two to help him make lucrative deals with foreign powers including China, openly “joked” about asking Beijing for help becoming president, and we are only hearing of it this weekend:

After 3 years pursuing phony Trump-Russia collusion, Dems have legitimized looking into the ties between a presidential candidate and a scary foreign power. And anyone who pays minimal attention can see that Beijing is a far more serious threat to us than Moscow, yet Dems an their media allies continue to pretend that we ought to worry about bad boy Putin, whose country has the GDP of Texas, while China is closing in on surpassing our national GDP. Perhaps more importantly, Russia struggles to export any manufactured goods and mostly relies on oil and gas to generate hard currency, while China is the “workshop of the world” and has stolen many industries from the USA. Russia, to be frank, has no chance to become the world’s hegemon, while Beijing’s leaders openly plot to do so, and already have a navy with more vessels than our own, and are a serious technology rival in key areas like artificial intelligence.

There is no question that Hunter Biden, Joe’s son who was kicked out of the Navy for cocaine use, is in Beijing’s pocket, and has become wealthy thanks to his business ties to Ukraine’s Burisma and his even bigger financial ties to China. With perfect timing, Peter Schweizer, whose influential documentary Clinton Cash uncovered the ways the former first couple enriched themselves from their “public service,” has just released a 41-minute film on Biden’s China ties, Riding the Dragon. It is embedded below in its entirety, but here is how Eric Lendrum of American Greatness describes it:

In “Riding the Dragon,” Schweizer reveals several Chinese business deals that Hunter Biden was involved in while serving as a member of the board of BHR Partners, a Chinese investment firm. The film also claims that Biden could only secure meetings with high-ranking Chinese officials because of the fact that his father was vice president at the time.

Many of BHR’s business deals “would serve the strategic interests of the Chinese government,” and “started making investment deals that would serve the strategic interests of the Chinese military.” The documentary was originally aired on BlazeTV, and has since been posted to YouTube….

The film is below, and here is URL, so you can send it to friends via email or social media: