Why Did TIME Magazine Spill the Beans About Anti-Trump Shadow Campaign?

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You may have already noticed that 2021 has gotten off to a rather shaky start with more than a few surprises. Crazed rioters launched an assault on the U.S. Capitol building, everyday investors scored a victory against elitist hedge fund managers, and President Joe Biden managed to stay awake through his entire inauguration ceremony.

But nobody could have expected that one of the nation’s most prominent publications put out a piece admitting what most conservatives already knew: a cabal of far-left progressive entities, institutions, and individuals colluded in a comprehensive conspiracy to oust former President Donald Trump during the 2020 election season. By revealing the partnership’s existence, TIME Magazine went much further than saying the quiet part out loud; indeed, they shouted it from the rooftops.

RedState’s Bonchie covered the story, noting that this vast collaboration “included everything from manipulating media coverage to getting election laws changed, at least according to TIME’s account.” (See: TIME Claims a Secret Cabal Manipulated the 2020 Election to Stop Trump, and People Have Questions)

According to the article, several different players and organizations were in on the conspiracy. Progressive political operatives, media activists masquerading as objective journalists, Democratic politicians, major corporations, Big Tech censorship brigades, and many more actively worked together to ensure a Biden victory. After years of mocking conservatives and Republicans for pointing out the roles these various institutions continually play in promoting the leftist agenda, TIME Magazine has decided to finally come clean.

As I said on the latest episode of the “Red + Black Show,” the article revealed nothing that conservatives did not already know. After all, we saw the whole thing play out right before our very eyes, didn’t we? But the article did provide more context, perspective, and details, and it now deprives the far-left of any semblance of plausible deniability.

But the question that nobody is answering is: Why? For what reason would TIME decide to pull back the curtain revealing that the progressive Wizard of Oz is nothing but a mass fraud? The publication is not exactly known for its honesty regarding these issues. What possible benefit could they reap from such a move?

Perhaps we are mistakenly assuming that they believe they would benefit when the real answer is right in front of our faces. While it is impossible to read minds, it is possible to read actions, and the reasoning of TIME’s decision to unveil the conspiracy is simpler than most would think.

What this all boils down to is the reality that the far-left has become too cocky for its own good. We have already seen their overconfidence manifest in their push for a second impeachment that is sure to end in utter failure. In their arrogance, they cannot see how trying – and failing – to remove a president who is already out of office is making them appear to a public that simply wants to move on from 2020. (See: I Support the Democrats’ Effort to Impeach President Trump and so Should You)

House Democrats just voted to strip a GOP lawmaker of her committee assignments when traditionally it is up to the Republicans to perform that type of action. Their hubris is blinding them to the eventuality that this can – and will – come back to haunt them once Republicans regain control of the House.

Now that they control the White House and both chambers of Congress, the Democrats and their close friends and allies in the activist media seem to believe that they are now untouchable. As a result, it no longer matters if we, the plebeians, finally know the truth about their not-so-secret machinations. It is akin to a supervillain giving a boastful monologue once they believe they have defeated their foe. To put it simply, they are saying, “Yeah, we pulled off a mass conspiracy to kick your guy out of office, whatcha gonna do about it?”

However, we all know what comes before the fall, and anyone who watches superhero movies knows what happens when the Riddler can’t help but go into a lengthy diatribe about how brilliant he is compared to the Batman, who is about to foil his plot with a well-placed batarang. By admitting what we all knew, they inadvertently gave the Right a weapon to use against them.

They can no longer pretend that their victories are purely organic. The Left is now unable to mock conservatives for believing in these conspiracies and still be taken seriously. And, even though they can’t see it right now, this is going to bite them where the sun don’t shine in the next few election seasons.